Code Ethics of space, participant and facilitator


  • In order to create a safe space:
  • Usage of phones for recording videos or taking pictures is not allowed during the class. Creating footage of the class can only be done with consent of all participants and facilitators represented.
  • Food and drink beverages are not allowed in the dance studio. Exception: water bottles/cups.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the dance studio.
  • We respect the dance floor by keeping it clean and pay special attention when using any kind of additional objects on the floor.
  • We leave the dance studio in the same condition as we entered it.
  • We close the windows when leaving the dance studio.
  • We only allow loud music after 22:00 once the windows were closed.


  • The participant knows their body best
  • The participant is responsible for their body (injuries), hygiene and boundaries.
  • The participant is aware of the energy / attitude they bring in the space. Everyday can be different.
  • The participant is aware of consent when it comes to being in physical contact with other participants.
  • The participant is responsible for the space they give and take.
  • The participant is allowed to leave the space without communicating at any time.
  • The participant enters the studio with valuable knowledge.
  • The participants’ opinion and voice are important
  • The participant has the right to ask questions.
  • The participants’ learning experience is the main focus during the class.
  • No is a No and Yes is a Yes


  • The facilitator must always ask permission from the participant before touching the participant physically.
  • The facilitator maintains neutrality within their relations towards participants.
  • The facilitator shall invite the participants to a dialogue around the work structure within the class.
  • The facilitator makes the class a safe environment, ensures a healthy atmosphere and is vigilant for bullying and sexual harassment.
  • The facilitator takes care of not making judgment about an individual’s or group’s beliefs.
  • The facilitator sees its participants as equals and does not act from a role of authority.
  • Teaching methods are transparent

We will not tolerate:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Violence
  • Bullying
  • Outbursts of temper
  • Misuse of power
  • Obscene language
  • Unnecessary touch
  • Political or religious preaching
  • Touch without mutual consent

If the facilitator or participant is found to be violating any of the above it may result in disciplinary action.

Our work is grounded in love, respect and compassion. In which “love” refers to showing and having a positive reaction to another member in the group. During the classes the body is not a body of or for desire. Our space is a judgment free space. We encourage constructive criticism and welcome all shapes of bodies, training/knowledge and cultural heritage. No is No and Yes is Yes.

Safer Space Rules